The Association is the focal point for some 100 members, representing private industrial enterprises, large and SMEs, active in Research & Innovation, as well as public research organizations. The researchers of Airi members represent about the 45% of the researchers in the Country.

Due to its broad representative base, Airi has become a key opinion leader on R&I, advising national decision-makers to sustain industrial research and innovation. Airi, periodically publish the report “Priority Technologies for the Italian Industry”, which has become a guide for National technology planning.

Airi/Nanotec IT, the Committee for Nanotechnologies and the other Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), established in 2003, is the focal for promoting these technologies in Italy.

To pursue its mission, Airi, monitors scientific R&D trends and their applications, disseminates information, facilitates technology transfer and promotes Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Over the past 15 years Airi has been very active in participating in European, national and regional cooperative projects, both as coordinator or partner. Areas of interest of Airi include future industrial innovation, R&I policies and strategies, sustainability and social responsibility of technological innovation, nanotechnologies and the other KETs.

Airi organizes on a regular basis events to increase awareness and promote networking on nanotechnologies and their applications in Italy.  After almost a decade of editions of the NanotechItaly conference, in 2016 Airi contributed to the launch and organization of the NanoInnovation Conference and Exhibition series.

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